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NuRecht provides free legal advice to anyone with a low income, as a legal advice center. In this way, the advice is completely free for anyone who has an income below the social minimum. Do you earn a little more? We can help you profitably (up to average income).

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If you submit your question via our Quickscan and are happy with our service, you can get a discount if you review it on Google. For legal advice with a legal assessment you will receive € 10,- discount and for a legal letter even € 25,- discount. In addition, we always try to recover the costs for a legal letter from the other party (Article 6:96 paragraph 2 sub c BW).


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Law shop NuRecht offers Free Legal Advice (Dutch Law) throughout the Netherlands and worldwide. Before you can ask a question you will have to pay € 24,99, but the legal advice we provide is free. If you place a hyperlink to NuRecht and return the form, we will refund your € 24,99. Simple! We will answer your question straight away by chat during opening hours. You can also ask a question by e-mail via our webform after paying € 24,99.

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NuRecht provides you with free legal advice online. By clicking the button Ask Now ... you will be directly connected to our employee during office hours. By clicking the button you can also E-mail us. We advise you to only give out your personal details and information when necessary. We cannot guarantee that we will be able to answer all your questions, however if needed we can refer you to an attorney for further information. Hence our employees are mainly students during their LL.M. program we cannot guarantee complete reliability of given advices. Legal disclaimer: Follow our advice at your own risk.